County Auditor Program

The Office of the County Auditor performs independent audits and examinations, advocates for the efficient and appropriate use of public resources, and helps increase government transparency.


Improve government accountability through independent analysis.
Review the goals, objectives and measures below to learn more about how the office of the County Auditor measures success.

Goal #1: To perform the duties of the Office of the County Auditor as required by the Charter in an effective, efficient and legally proper manner.


  • Procure and oversee Charter-mandated independent financial audits of the county.
  • Transmit a plan of audits to be conducted during the fiscal year to the Mayor and Council.
  • Conduct self-initiated program, financial, or performance audits or evaluations.
  • Conduct follow-ups.

Success Measures

Goal #2: Attract, retain and develop capable and motivated employees.


  • Develop, improve and maintain professional skills of all employees.

Success Measures