Department of Liquor Control: Performance Measures


Protect the health, safety and welfare of the general public by regulating and controlling the liquor industry in the importation, manufacture, sale and service of alcoholic beverages to provide a safe and healthy environment for the people of Maui County.


Liquor Control Program

The Department of Liquor Control strives to enforce Hawaii Revised Statutes and the Rules of the Liquor Commission for the County of Maui along with achieving compliance to liquor laws and rules by licensees. The Department also promotes liquor control through alcohol education and controls the conditions associated with the importation, manufacture, sale, and service of alcoholic beverages through a fair and efficient licensing and permit process. The liquor control program regulates over 400 licensees on the islands of Maui, Molokai and Lanai with gross liquor sales totaling over $314 million a year.
The Department of Liquor Control supports the following countywide outcome(s):
A Prepared, Safe and Livable County

Performance Measures are directly linked to budgetary outcomes. The adjacent chart offers a snapshot of the Department of Liquor Control's budget. Liquor Control accounts for approximately 0.6% of the County's Operating Budget.

FY 2017 Highlights:

In 2017, the Department of Liquor Control exceeded a number of success measure estimates. The Department:
  • Met 100% of measures related to promoting liquor control by providing liquor education and certification classes.
  • Increased the number of premises inspected, number of minor decoy operations and number of case reports to respond to public concerns to provide and ensure a safe and healthy environment within the liquor industry.
  • Increased the percent of administrative actions per total violations to adhere to the Hawaii Revised Statutes and Maui County Charter.

The best performance measures start conversations about organizational priorities, the allocation of resources, ways to improve performance, and offer an honest assessment of effectiveness.

Breaking Down Performance Measures

So how does the Department of Liquor Control measure up? Programs met 9 success measure estimates overall. Additionally, The following chart details the breakdown of the 14 performance success measures for the Department, by goal. Each measure of success is categorized as either improving, maintaining, or declining in the past year (FY 2015- FY 2016). The majority of measures in the department are either improving or maintaining success. Rather than seeing success measures as a static and final indicator, departments use them as continuous gauges and guides for future operation.
Performance Measures provide both overarching goals that adhere to the department's mission, and measurement level numerical data to help departments assess their ability to implement budget dollars effectively and serve the Maui community. The following chart provides an extremely detailed breakdown of the Department's performance measures. Scroll through to explore how the department measures success.