Department of Environmental Management: Performance Measures

The Wastewater (Sewer) Administration and Operations Programs work in unison with overlapping responsibilities and shared objectives in order to ensure optimum performance of facilities. Additionally, the Solid Waste programs operate the County landfills, collect household refuse, manage metals and abandoned vehicle programs, and coordinate recycling and waste reduction programs. The Solid Waste Division also places an emphasis on the three principles of reducing waste by eliminating unnecessary packaging and limited-life products, reusing viable resources and recycling materials for re-manufacture while providing efficient and high quality services to the people of Maui County.


To protect the public's health, safety, property, and environment by developing and operating the County's infrastructure.


  • Administration Program
  • Wastewater Administration Program
  • Wastewater Operations Program
  • Solid Waste Administration Program
  • Solid Waste Operations Program
  • Environmental Protection and Sustainability Program

The Department of Environmental Management supports the following countywide outcome(s):

An Efficient, Effective and Responsive Government
Suitable Public Infrastructure
A Prepared, Safe and Livable County
A Healthy and Sustainable Community

Performance Measures are linked directly to budgetary outcomes. Environmental Management accounts for about 14% of the County's FY 2018 Operating Budget.

The best performance measures start conversations about organizational priorities, the allocation of resources, ways to improve performance, and offer an honest assessment of effectiveness.

FY 2017 Highlights:

27 Success Measure estimates were met or exceeded by the Department of Environmental Management programs in FY 2017. Notably, the Department achieved the following:
  • The Wastewater Administration Program increased public education on reliable wastewater infrastructure through conducting public presentations.
  • The Wastewater Administration Program reduced the cost and power needed per every 1,000 gallons for collection, transportation, treatment & disposal of water.
  • The Wastewater Program also met 100% of success measures related to providing timely maintenance of facilities and equipment for long-term efficiency and for providing reliable wastewater service
  • The Solid Waste Operations Program installed a new alternative energy system to help work towards the goal of generating and utilizing renewable energy at all active landfills.

Breaking Down Performance Measures

So how does the Department of  Environmental Management measure up overall? The following chart details the breakdown of the measures of success for the Environmental Management programs of Maui County. Each measure of success is categorized as either improving, maintaining, or declining in the past year (FY 2016-FY 2017), based on estimates for each year. The majority of programs in the department are either improving or maintaining their measured success. Rather than seeing success measures as a static and final indicator, departments can use them as continuous gauges and guides for future operation.

Performance Measures provide both overarching goals for programs that adhere to the department's mission, and measurement level numerical data to help departments assess their ability to implement budget dollars effectively and serve the Maui community. The following chart provides an extremely detailed breakdown of the Department's performance measures. Scroll through to answer specific questions or explore how the department measures success.