Maui Police Department: Performance Measures


To ensure a safe community through the preservation of public and domestic peace, prevention of crime, detection and arrest of offenders of the law, protection of personal and property rights, and the enforcement of all Federal and State laws and County ordinances.


Administration Program
Investigative Services Program
Uniformed Patrol Services Program
Technical and Support Services Program
The Maui Police Department strives to serve the community in a manner that epitomizes those ideals woven into the fabric of the Constitution of the United States and the Spirit of Aloha. They serve to enhance the quality of life in cooperation with all of those who share these beautiful islands in making this a better place to live. In the case of Police, high-level performance outcomes are closely tied with increasing public safety and enhancing quality of life in Maui County.
The Department of Police supports the following countywide outcome(s):
An Efficient, Effective and Responsive Government
Suitable Public Infrastructure
A Prepared, Safe and Livable County

Performance Measures are directly linked to budgetary outcomes. Police accounts for approximately 10% of the total Operating Budget.

FY 2017 Highlights

  • Maintained 100% compliance with Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement (CALEA) Standards.
  • Increased checkpoints and citations related to the goal of preventing and suppressing operation of a motor vehicle under the influence.
  • Met success measures related to fostering outside agency and community partnerships.

The best performance measures start conversations about organizational priorities, the allocation of resources, ways to improve performance, and offer an honest assessment of effectiveness.

Breaking Down Performance Measures

So how does the Police Department measure up? Programs met 24 success measure estimates overall. Additionally, The following chart details the breakdown of the 35 performance success measures for the Department, by program. Each measure of success is categorized as either improving, maintaining, or declining in the past year (FY 2016 - FY 2017). The majority of programs in the department are either improving or maintaining their measured success. Rather than seeing success measures as a static and final indicator, departments use them as continuous gauges and guides for future operation.
For an extremely detailed view of Police Performance Measures, explore the table below. The table outlines each program, goal, objective, success measure, estimates and actuals.