Department of Personnel Services: Performance Measures


Contribute to the attainment of countywide goals by attracting, developing and retaining a professional workforce, and by contributing to the establishment of the best possible work environment.


Administration and Management Support Services Program

The Department of Personnel Services provides recruitment and staffing support for jobs at the County of Maui. The function of the Administration and Management Support Services Program, which provides services to approximately 25,000 people, is to classify positions, recruit for qualified applicants, train employees, and handle labor relations issues in a timely, efficient, economic, and judicious manner.
The Department of Personnel Services supports the following countywide outcome(s):
An Efficient, Effective and Responsive Government
A Strong Diversified Economy
Suitable Public Infrastructure
A Prepared, Safe and Livable County
A Healthy and Sustainable Community

Performance Measures are directly linked to budgetary outcomes. The adjacent chart offers a snapshot of the Personnel Services budget. Personnel Services accounts for approximately 0.3% of the County's Operating Budget.

FY 2017 Highlights:

In 2017, the Department of Personnel Services exceeded a number of success measure estimates. The Department:
  • Met 100% of measures related to attracting, valuing, supporting and retaining a fully-staffed, qualified and diversified workforce.
  • Completed the migration to a more efficient, user-friendly applicant tracker system with a modern interface.
  • Offered effective employee development as shown through employees rating 100% of training as "good or better" on post-training surveys.

The best performance measures start conversations about organizational priorities, the allocation of resources, ways to improve performance, and offer an honest assessment of effectiveness.

Breaking Down Performance Measures

So how does the Department of Personnel Services measure up? Programs met 8 success measure estimates overall. Additionally, The following chart details the breakdown of the 11 performance success measures for the Department, by program goal. Each measure of success is categorized as either improving, maintaining, or declining in the past year (FY 2016- FY 2017). The majority of programs in the department are either improving or maintaining their measured success. Rather than seeing success measures as a static and final indicator, departments use them as continuous gauges and guides for future operation.