Department of Public Works: Performance Measures


Protect and enhance the quality of the public’s health, safety, property and environment by developing and operating the county’s road, drainage and bridge systems and by administering its building codes.


Administration Program; Development Services Administration Program; Engineering Program; Garage Services Program; Highways Administration Program; Road, Bridge, and Drainage Program; Special Maintenance Program; Traffic Management Program
The Department of Public Works directs and oversees the Development Services Administration, the Engineering Division and the Highways Division. The County of Maui website details the various current and future projects being planned and executed by the department. Given the diverse range of program responsibilities, the Department adheres to a large number of success measures that range from bridge rehabilitation and replacement to professional development for employees within the traffic management program.
The Department of Public Works supports the following countywide outcome(s):
An Efficient, Effective and Responsive Government
A Strong Diversified Economy
Suitable Public Infrastructure
A Prepared, Safe and Livable County
A Healthy and Sustainable Community

Performance Measures are directly linked to budgetary outcomes. The adjacent chart offers a snapshot of the Public Works budget. Public Works accounts for about 7% of the County's Operating Budget.

FY 2017 Highlights:

In 2017, the Department of Public Works exceeded a number of success measure estimates. Within the Department:
  •  The Engineering Program met 100% of success measures related to the goal of establishing an Eco-friendly transportation system to enhance non-motorized transportation infrastructure.
  • 100% of building maintenance work order requests were responded to within 24 hours.
  • The estimated number of presentations provided to support the goal of enhancing and improving relations with the community and other governmental and non-governmental agencies was exceeded.
  • The number of business days to review and respond to permit applications for building code compliance was within 15 days or less for all building code permit types.

The best performance measures start conversations about organizational priorities, the allocation of resources, ways to improve performance, and offer an honest assessment of effectiveness.

Breaking Down Performance Measures

So how does the Department of Public Works measure up? Programs met 21 success measure estimates overall. Additionally, The following chart details the breakdown of the 54 performance success measures for the Department. Each measure of success is categorized as either improving, maintaining, or declining in the past year (FY 2016-FY 2017). The majority of programs in the department are either improving or maintaining their measured success. Rather than seeing success measures as a static and final indicator, departments use them as continuous gauges and guides for future operation.

Read to learn more about each Public Works Program:

Performance Measures provide both overarching goals for programs that adhere to the department's mission, and measurement level numerical data to help departments assess their ability to implement budget dollars effectively and serve the Maui community. The following chart provides an extremely detailed breakdown of the Department's performance measures. Scroll through to explore how the department measures success.